March 1, 2018

5 LiMa Ventura Start-UPs Passed TV Program Audition

PT LiMa Ventura will be representing 5 start-UPs to the television program named Sarang Elang.

PT LiMa Ventura once again actively participated in the start-UP development in Indonesia, after representing 5 start-UP in the television program called Sarang Elang.

The five LiMa Ventura start-UPs were:

Castle Kaos Lukis - Yogyakarta (fashion/apparel)
Owelmagz - Jakarta (education)
Rocket Pizza - Jakarta (food/beverage)
Studio Dapur - Tasikmalaya) (local home appliances)
Havelteh - Surabaya (food/beverage)

The 5 start-UPs has passed the two-batch Sarang Elang audition on November 17, 2017 and December 4, 2017.

Pitch deck presentation of those Start-UPs succeeded in convincing the juries led by Reino Barack and Makki from Rizki Bukit Sinema (RBS), the production house which is responsible for the production of television program, Sarang Elang.

Reino Barack has a good reputation in the television shows and big screen productions, including BIMA Satria Garuda television series and Satria Heroes movie which already aired in various theaters Indonesia starting May 4, 2017. While Makki has been wellknown as the bassist player of favorite Indonesian band, Ungu.

Sarang Elang itself is a television program for the startup talent show, where there will be 4 judges who will listen to the pitch deck presentation from various stubs in Indonesia, who have passed the audition. The production plan will be implemented in February 2018 by Reino Barack and the RBS team.


PT LiMa Ventura is one of the venture capital companies that cooperate with RBS, for the purposes of TV show Sarang Elang.

Internal selection process has been conducted by LiMa Ventura since September 2017, by inviting a number of educational institutions and related institutions to send a number of their respective flagship startup. Gadjah Mada University, Prasetiya Mulya University, Bina Nusantara University, and Entrepreneur Indonesia Festival are institutions and institutions that actively send their startup representatives.

After an internal selection, LiMa Ventura sends the leading Startup to audition / pitching in front of the jury. Until now, the five StartUP have escaped and will follow the next stage.

LiMa Ventura is still doing the selection process to send the leading Startup at the next audition.



Doddy and wife (Rocket Pizza)

Discussion between Lidya (Owelmagz / standing) and Reino Barack.

Mr Agni Pratama (Deputy Director LiMa Ventura / second from left), Reino Barack, and the audition judges of Hawk Nest tasted Havelteh.

Maharsitama Anindita (Castle Kaos Lukis/right)

Seno (Havelteh)

Discussion between Doddy (Rocket Pizza / left) and Reino Barack, the leading jury of Sarang Elang.

Presentation of Castle Painting in front of the judges of the audition, including Reino Barack (second from right).

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