March 1, 2018

Official, LiMa Ventura and Ladang Lima in Joint Partnership

PT LiMa Ventura inaugurated financial cooperation with Ladang Lima

PT LiMa Ventura and Ladang Lima inaugurated the financial cooperation of equity participation. The signing of the cooperation was held at the LiMa Group headquarters - PT LiMa Ventura - the company's corporate office at 18 Office Park, South Jakarta, Friday, December 1, 2017.

"The term sheet (cooperation memorandum of understanding) has been signed, LiMa Ventura and Ladang Lima are officially in joint partnership," said Mr. Surachmat Sunjoto, CEO of LiMa Group and LiMa Ventura.

In the signing of the collaboration, Ladang Lima was represented by the founder and CEO, Raka Bagus. The man that graduated from German FH Muenster has just been selected as one of the Markplus 4.0 Award winners, for his great contribution in society and humanity before 40 years of age.

Ladang Lima is brand product of PT. Agung Bumi Agro, with various product variants such as flour, snack and noodles.  All prducts made of cassava and free of gluten free adhesive or substance. This product is available in various online stores in Indonesia.

Raka Bagus is assisted by his wife, Annisa Pratiwi - a graduate of Airlangga University, Surabaya - who acts as a Co-founder of Ladang LiMa. Both are experienced in the field of product and image branding for 8 years.

Recently Ladang Lima crowned as champion in the event Creative Innovation Award 2017 which was held Amvesindo and Bekraf Indonesia.

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