March 4, 2019

7th Anniversary of PT LiMa Ventura

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019 PT LiMa Ventura entered the age of 7 years. Since its inauguration in 2012, PT LiMa Ventura has been running its business as a non-bank financial institution that is in line with its vision of becoming a partner and trusted friend for micro, small and medium-sized businesses towards a more prosperous Indonesia. During its 7 years of existence, PT LiMa Ventura continued to innovate and develop its products and business. The age and development are grateful for by all internal parties from PT LiMa Ventura. Gratitude was realized by holding a joint prayer and eating event with all the invited guests who were present on that day. The 7th anniversary celebration of PT LiMa Ventura was held at the head office of PT LiMa Ventura, located in Ruko Grand Galaxy City, Bekasi. The event was attended by Mr. Surachmat Sunjoto as President Director of PT LiMa Ventura, Mr. Yan Rezky Fahza as Director, and Mr. Waluyo asCommissioner of PT LiMa Ventura, along with all the internal parties of PT LiMa Ventura from the General Manager, Head of Division, to all staff and technicians. In addition, Mr. Tulus Edison as the representative of the LiMa Group attended the celebration. The event began with remarks from Mr. Yan Rezky Fahza and Mr. Waluyo which was followed by a joint prayer led by Mr. Eko.Then the event continued with a cake cutting ceremony which was represented by Mr. Surachmat Sunjoto as the managing director of PT LiMa Ventura, and the cone cutting ceremony held as a sign of gratitude for the increasing age of PT LiMa Ventura. Not forgetting to capture this precious moment, all internal parties of PT LiMa Ventura and the invitees who were present that day took part in the group photo. The joy and warmth of the celebration of the anniversary of PT LiMa Ventura was closed by eating together while talking warmly with each other. In the 7th year of this year, PT LiMa Ventura is committed to further advancing its business and having a positive impact on all internal and external parties of the company.

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