May 30, 2019

LiMa Ventura as Interviewee for Bekraf

LiMa Ventura through Mr. Yan Rezky Fahza, as Director of PT LiMa Ventura, fulfilled an invitation from Bekraf (Creative Economy Agency) during the Dissemination of Incentives for Working Capital Additions / Fixed Assets Investment for Perpetrators of the Creative Economy Culinary Sub Sector, Digital Applications and Game Development / Games (AGD), Fashion, Craft and Film in 2019. This socialization event was held on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta.

The event was held to socialize related Government assistance in the form of additional working capital and / or fixed asset investment for creative economic actors. This assistance aims to increase business / production capacity of creative economic entrepreneurs, the Creative Economy Agency through the Deputy for Capital Access.

PT LiMa Ventura not only fulfilled the agenda of the event, but also participated in the talkshow represented by Mr. Yan Rezky Fahza as one of the speakers at the event. Mr. Yan Rezky Fahza is also trusted to be a curator or jury whose task is to select proposals from every creative economic actor who participated in this event. This selection is conducted for the determination of participants who are eligible to receive Government Incentive Assistance (BIP) in 2019.

The talkshow consisting of 4 sessions went well and the invited attendees also participated actively during the event.

The socialization program held by Bekraf was closed with Joint Opening at 17.45 WIB until completion. At the end of the event, all the guests who were present with the speakers took a photo together to capture the moment.

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