June 17, 2019

PT Lima Mahakarya Abadi Won The 2019 SME100 Awards

PT Lima Mahakarya Abadi (Voyej) won the SME100 Awards as Indonesia's Fast Moving Companies 2019. Start Up, which also received capital participation from PT LiMa Ventura, won the prestigious award after meeting quantitative and qualitative criteria, which focused on growth (net sales, profit and shares) and tenacity (norms, sustainability and best vision).

The SME100 Awards are the Annual Recognition Award program held by SME Magazine, which recognizes the fastest growing companies in the SME sector. This SME100 Awards has become a symbol or benchmark that is relied on by entrepreneurs in choosing the best among the greatest in the market that is profitable and dynamic.

The 2019 SME100 award ceremony was held on Friday, June 14 2019. Mr. Yosi Permana Putra as CEO of PT Lima Mahakarya Abadi (Voyej) was present to receive the SME100 Awards - Indonesia's Fast Moving Companies 2019. The acceptance of this award will also be covered in the Special Edition of SME Magazine and other publications.

The achievement obtained by PT Lima Mahakarya Abadi (Voyej) provided an atmosphere of happiness to PT LiMa Ventura, which is a business partner in the start-up capital.

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