July 10, 2019

Curation of the 2019 Government Incentive Aid Proposal (BIP) with Bekraf

PT LiMa Ventura was again invited by the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) to participate in the curation process of the Government Incentive Assistance (BIP) proposal in 2019. Mr. Yan Rezky Fahza as Director of LiMa Ventura was one of the curators at the event.

With the theme of the Group Discussion, the curators of the 2019 BIP proposal will discuss together to determine the most feasible business proposals for 2019 BIP. The discussion was held on July 9 to July 11, 2019 at Artotel Thamrin, Jakarta.

The Government Incentive Assistance held every year since 2017 targets the start-up who have good business potential to improve. The 2019 BIP event added a business start-up sector that could submit its business proposals, namely start up from the Culinary Sector, Digital & Game Applications, Fashion, Craft, and Film.

The increase in the business sector at the Government Incentive Assistance (BIP) event this year turned out to have an increasing impact on the enthusiasm of the start-ups in Indonesia. "We have open submissions and see this year's enthusiasm as good." Said Mr. Syaifullah, Director of Bekraf Non-Banking Access. Submission of business proposals from participating start-ups has passed the administrative selection stage. Currently the business proposal review phase is still being carried out, assisted by the best and most trusted curators.

Based on the results of the Group Discussion on Curating the 2019 Government Incentive Assistance Proposal, the curators will determine the appropriate costs to be given to selected start-ups from each business sector. Government Incentive Assistance which is ready to be given to selected start-ups up to 100 million Rupiah.

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