About Us

"Li" means success and "Ma" means strong.

Based on this spirit, we expect LiMa Ventura becomes successful and strong as a socially responsible business. This expectation is expressed in the following values:





As determined by its founders, the vision of PT LiMa Ventura isĀ "To be a trusted partner and friend for micro, small and medium enterprises to a more prosperous Indonesia."



In an effort to realize the vision as mentioned above, it has been established the mission of PT LiMa Ventura, as follows:

  1. To create sustainable added value to all shareholders and business partners based on the principles of good corporate governance.
  2. To create and develop innovative and effective products for Business Partner Company (the "PPU") in order to grow and develop into a successful business actor in their field.
  3. To foster and grow Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to gain financing access to Banks and non-Banks in order to expand employment and improve the welfare of the community.


"Success is born from Spirit, Good Faith, Honesty, and Tenacity accompanied by Prayer".

Surachmat Sunjoto

Founder & President Director of PT LiMa Ventura