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PT LiMa Ventura has been operating since 2011 and has experienced ups and downs of venture capital business in Indonesia. Moreover, since 2015, where PT LiMa Ventura has launched a business competition platform that eventually became Parama Indonesia.

The funds already distributed to the start-UP in Indonesia has reached Rp 60 billion, started from Voyej Leather Goods, Gorry Gourmet, Ladang Lima, Velospace & Co, Flip Burger, and Quantum Aditec.

It means that PT LiMa Ventura has experienced in selecting and injecting start-UP in Indonesia with capital fund. You, as the potential investor partners, have minimized investment risk while at the same time, gaining time, effort, and selection cost.

As evidence, the two start-UPs developed by PT LiMa Ventura, Ladang Lima and Voyej, achieving 2 best awards in the Creative Innovation Awards 2017.

Support from Government and Venture Capital Network

PT LiMa Ventura and Parama Indonesia are fully supported by the Government of Indonesia, through the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (the “Bekraf”) and the Indonesian Venture Capital Association (the “Amvesindo”), where PT LiMa Ventura is a member. Bekraf and Amvesindo pioneered the birth of Creative Innovation Awards 2017, an award for Indonesian pioneering business. Amvesindo also held a Demo Day of 2017, in which a number of start-UPs presented their respective business plan / pitch deck in front of the panel of jury.

PT LiMa Ventura has been registered, has obtained authorized license and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (the “OJK”).

We will be your investment bridge, to help Indonesia's start- UP grow, develop and become more advanced and competitive, not only in the local but in international arena as well. Why not?

Various Ways to Get Started

As a potential investor partner, PT LiMa Ventura will direct your investment interests to a number of sectors, namely Health, Education, Property, Logistics & Distribution, Agriculture & Plantation, Renewable Energy, Creative Industries (Fashion, Crafts & Furniture, Interior Design, Animation, Culinary) or other fields.

Please fill in your data and your investment value in our digital form below. Thereafter, officer of PT LiMa Ventura will contact you to enter the next stage.

Positive Social Impacts

In this stage, PT LiMa Ventura and you will conduct meeting more intense, in order to exchange information and understanding each other investment vision and mission.

Certainly, PT LiMa Ventura ensures that the investment being distributed to the start-UP network has a positive social impact for all Indonesian society.


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