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If so, you must already have plans ahead to develop and make the startUP business idea become a reality. Challenge is sure to come up, such as lack of funding, lack of experience in developing business, limited networking or there is no knowledge relating to the industry that will be carried out.

PT LiMa Ventura will act as the bridge to the startUP in Indonesia and bring them together with the selected investors. For more information, PT LiMa Ventura has been officially registered, under supervision, and has obtained operating license from the Financial Services Authority (the “OJK”).

A trust that has to be maintained and PT LiMa Ventura replied the same thoroughly.

In 2015, PT LiMa Ventura developed a business competition platform which was finally titled Parama Indonesia (Young Entrepreneur Development). Voyej Leather Goods (voyejstore.com) earned the honor of being the first startUP, injected with capital funds of up to Rp 3 billion.

In the second edition of Parama Indonesia, Gorry Gourmet becomes the winner and is entitled to a capital injection of Rp 6.5 billion.

A Business Competition Platform

Beyond the Parama Indonesia platform, PT LiMa Ventura also performs talent scouting of a number of startUPs, to the end Ladang Lima and Velospace & Co enter as the next startUP partner. The renowned stove manufacturer, Quantum or PT Aditec Cakrawiyasa, also become as one of the startUP partners and it has extended the portfolio of PT LiMa Ventura.

Currently, PT LiMa Ventura has assisted more than 3,000 small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Indonesia in developing their respective business and generating sustainable income and revenue.

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Logistics & Distribution
Agriculture & Plantation
Renewable Energy
Craft & Handicraft
Interior Design

Bridge of startUP Indonesia

With record of long achievements and myriad experiences, PT LiMa Ventura and Parama Indonesia provides Indonesia's startUP partners the following easy access to the source of capital and reference to the selected investor and access to a larger market share.

Development Scheme

Here are the steps that will be passed by the startUP, along with Parama Indonesia. Together with Parama Indonesia, the startUP will be fully supervised, from assistance - coaching, mentoring, and networking - to help start-UP partners focus on enhancing knowledge in order to seize more significant business opportunities.


  • Registration
  • Video Presentation
  • Business Concept Submission
  • Business Proposal
  • Negotiation & Validation Phase
  • Funding Stage & Business Accompaniment


Business assistance, from coaching, mentoring, and networking, to help startUP partners focus on adding knowledge to seize more significant business opportunities.

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